Pasqal Delivers First 100+ Qubit Quantum Processor Unit to GENCI and CEA

Within HPCQS, two quantum computers based on neutral atoms will be connected to supercomputers in France and Germany. In a public procurement process, the French start-up Pasqal secured the contract to supply its Orion system.

On the French side, GENCI has purchased the quantum computer, which was delivered this month to the TGCC supercomputing centre in France, operated by CEA. The machine is currently being installed on site and coupled with the Joliot-Curie supercomputer.

Later this year, Pasqal will send the second Orion processor unit to JSC at Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany, where it will be connected to the JURECA supercomputer. This means that both European hybrid HPC-QC environments envisaged in HPCQS with non-commercial cloud access for public and private users will be realised by the end of 2024.

Read the Pasqal press release here:

Press Release

Take a look inside Pasqal's Orion quantum processor in the video below:


The Orion quantum processor from Pasqal at the French supercomputing centre TGCC - © CEA