Vision & Mission

HPCQS seeks to integrate and couple two quantum simulators, each capable of controlling more than 100 qubits, with two existing European Tier-0 supercomputers, and to deploy an open European federated hybrid HPC-QS infrastructure that will provide non-commercial cloud access to public and private European users. The project aims to develop a hybrid programming platform which allows to combine quantum simulations with classical high performance computing and thus accelerates the computing speed of classical supercomputers.

With such powerful computers, new and better solutions for complex problems can be found, for example in the areas of simulating physics and chemistry systems, material development, personalised medicine, optimisation problems for logistics and transport, and quantum-enabled machine learning. In addition to developing the world’s first deeply integrated high performance computer and quantum simulator systems to solve complex everyday problems of our society, HPCQS will strengthen Europe as an attractive business location and its global competitiveness and will participate actively in pioneering work in the field of quantum computing and simulation.