Forschungszentrum Jülich and GENCI Represent HPCQS Consortium at EuroHPC Summit 2024 in Antwerp

This year's EuroHPC Summit took place in Antwerp, Belgium, from 18 to 21 March. The event attracted over 700 participants, more than 650 of whom attended in person. Attendees came from 45 different countries across Europe, but also from the United States and Brazil. Various stakeholders from across the European HPC ecosystem, including policy makers, industry representatives, researchers, students and start-ups, contributed to the dynamic discussions and exchanges. HPCQS was represented by project coordinator Prof. Kristel Michielsen and her colleague Prof. Estela Suarez from Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) as well as Stephane Requena from GENCI.

Prof. Michielsen, Head of the Quantum Information Processing Group at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) of FZJ, contributed her expertise to a plenary session on synergies between HPC and quantum computing for future technologies – a topic that is at the core of the project work in HPCQS.

Download presentation: "Converging Horizons"

In another plenary session, Prof. Estela Suarez, Co-lead of Division "Novel System Architecture Design" at JSC, discussed the challenges facing HPC after the exascale era.

Download presentation: "Challenges in HPC after Exascale"

Prof. Suarez was also part of a more technical session on "Interconnecting EuroHPC Supercomputers for Scientific and Industrial Advancement". With her expertise in modular supercomputer architecture specifically at JSC, she was able to highlight the added value that interconnected supercomputers bring to research.

Download presentation: "Interconnecting EuroHPC Supercomputers"

HPCQS partner GENCI was also represented at the EuroHPC Summit by Chief Technical Officer Stephane Requena. Together with HPCQS partner CEA, GENCI has purchased one of the two PASQAL quantum simulators as part of HPCQS and is currently installing it at the supercomputing centre TGCC in France in order to couple it with the Joliot-Curie supercomputer. In a session on the latest use cases, future needs and challenges of European HPC systems, Requena was able to report first-hand on the current status of the HPCQS project and his work for the France Hybrid HPC Quantum Initiative.

Download presentation: “EuroHPC Systems”

A poster session including a contribution from the HPCQS consortium has become a tradition at the EuroHPC Summit. Once again this year, the partners have summarised the current project status in a revised version of the HPCQS poster and joined the ranks of the exhibitors of digital posters.

Download HPCQS poster

The EuroHPC Summit 2024 website offers a wide range of opportunities to review the discussions and presentations. Numerous plenary sessions can be watched in full length in the livestream section. A collection of all project contributions to the digital poster session can be found in the poster section. The organiser, EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, has also produced a short film about the event, which is well worth watching. Again next year, HPCQS will be happy to take the opportunity for professional exchange and networking with the HPC community at the EuroHPC Summit 2025 in Poland.

Prof. Kristel Michielsen (JSC) during the plenary session "Converging Horizons: Synergising Quantum and HPC for Future Technologies"

Prof. Estela Suarez (JSC) speaks in the plenary hall about "Challenges in HPC after Exascale"

Prof. Estela Suarez during the expert panel on "Interconnecting EuroHPC Supercomputers for Scientific and Industrial Advancement"

Stephane Requena (GENCI) speaks at the session “EuroHPC Systems: Current Usage, Anticipated Needs and Future Challenges”

HPCQS poster and model of the PASQAL quantum simulator based on neutral atoms

Quantum computer model from Forschungszentrum Jülich