EuroHPC Summit Week 2022: back in real life, a growing HPC community and ecosystem

The EHPCSW 2022 gathered the main European HPC stakeholders from technology suppliers and infrastructures operators to scientific and industrial users. Including PRACEdays22, it took place at the prestigious Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris from 22nd - 24th March.

This 2022 edition was co-organized by GENCI, PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), the ETP4HPC European Technology Platform and the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking and broke a record, hosting about 450 attendees. Again, common values and visions have been shared and discussed: the decisive impact of high performance computing at the service of science, industry and society, collaboration between science and industry, new applications or computing paradigms such as Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing.

A key theme of the conference, the future of climate modelling, was explored from the perspective of the contribution of HPC to analysing and addressing the crisis. Exascale machines will be paramount in this fight to preserve our planet, but it has also been emphasized that the availability of a skilled workforce is equally important, and a challenge for HPC, quantum and Artificial Intelligence and their usage.

The highlights of the conference included:

  • Scientific keynote speeches by Dr Sylvie Joussaume, Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) on challenges in modelling climate change, by Prof. George Em Karniadakis, Professor of Applied Mathematics at Brown University on data-driven computing and by Prof. Elham Kashefi, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh, on quantum computing.
  • Several scientific parallel tracks such as on climate change, data-driven computing, quantum computing, the fight against COVID-19.
  • The award ceremony of the 2022 PRACE Ada Lovelace Award and a keynote by the winner, Dr Marija Vranic from the Instituto Superior Técnico of the University of Lisbon.
  • Industrial parallel tracks featuring presentations and workshops on quantum computing use cases from industry, HPC & energy transition, industry perspectives on HPC education. During these sessions Prof. Dr Kristel Michielsen (JSC) presented the HPCQS project aiming at a pan European hybrid classical + quantum computing infrastructure.
  • A Panel Discussion on “Emerging applications, model and implementation”, which discussed recent advances in fields such as quantum algorithms and data-driven computing. The panel focused on these emerging advances from several perspectives: which problems are now becoming solvable, and which recent technologies have brought real progress in HPC? Participants included, among others, Dr Marie-Alice Foujols (IPSL), Prof. Dr Kristel Michielsen (JSC) and Dr Marija Vranic (Ada Lovelace Award 2022 winner).

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EHPCSW22_Kristel%20Michielsen_02 HPCQS coordinator Prof. Dr Kristel Michielsen presenting HPCQS during EuroHPC Summit Week '22